Inviting the Light

These delicate and uplifting fragrances take you beyond your everyday concerns to a place of peace, tranquility and inspiration. Use them to get in touch with your soul’s purpose and fulfillment. The Quintessences are especially beneficial when you need to reflect on or contemplate a situation, or are ready to take the next step on your life’s journey.

How to select a Quintessence
There are two ways to start to experience the beautiful support of Quintessences in your life:

1. Simply choose a Quintessence you love the smell of and apply it as a perfume or to your aura! A qualified Aura-Soma consultant can give you information on the gift and potential this Quintessence reflects within you.

2. We recommend that you have an Equilibrium Bottle consultation with a trained Aura-Soma® consultant. Based on that consultation they will suggest a specific Quintessence to assist you in unlocking your gifts and potential or helping you to address any challenges.

How to use a Quintessence
Three drops of the Quintessence should be placed on your left wrist. Rub your wrists together and pass the fragrance of the Quintessence through your aura. Then inhale the aroma deeply at least three times to allow the Quintessence to permeate your whole being. The Quintessences can be used any time of the day and as often as desired. You can use more than at a time.

AS El Moyra QuintessenceEl Morya
Gives you a sense of strength and divine support when you know what you want to do but perhaps doubt yourself.

AS Kuthumi QuintessenceKuthumi
For those who care deeply about the environment and wish to connect with the spirit of Nature.

AS Lady Nada QuintessenceLady Nada
Encompasses a deep love and sense of compassion. Wonderful to use in all situations which require this level of love and forgiveness.

AS Hilarion QuintessenceHilarion
Helps you to follow your heart and access a profound level of your own truth.

AS Serapis Bey QuintessenceSerapis Bey
Clears the past, making the space for fresh inspiration and a new level of clarity.

AS The Christ QuintessenceThe Christ
Can bring the energy and drive to help manifest your dreams. For awakening.

AS St Germain QuintessenceSt Germain
A favourite of those who help others and dedicate their lives to being of service.

AS Pallas Athena QuintessencePallas Athena
Can bring a gentle reminder to do what you’d love to do, rather than be ruled by financial considerations, trusting that the abundance will follow.

AS O&A QuintessenceOrion and Angelica
Wonderful for travellers and those who wish to move on from certain situations.

AS Lady Portia QuintessenceLady Portia
For those who’d like to combine understanding and experience so that they have a wisdom for the future without any criticism of themselves or others.

AS Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin QuintessenceLao Tsu and Kwan Yin
Helps you understand how you’ve got to where you are now and what beliefs and attitudes lie beneath it. Do these beliefs serve you or is it time to gently release them?

AS Sanat Kumara QuintessenceSanat Kumara
Helps you feel a deep sense of connection to your spirit and all living things.

AS Maha Chohan QuintessenceMaha Chohan
Can help you access your inner teacher or guide and to have the courage to follow that guidance

AS Djwal Khul QuintessenceDjwal Khul
Opens your heart to a new level of honesty and a deeper sense of connection with other beings.

AS Holy Grail QuintessenceHoly Grail
Helps you on your quest to discover your true nature and fulfillment.