Product Care and Appearance

Colour and Fragrances
The Aura-Soma product manufacturer, Aura-Soma UK, strives to ensure that the Equilibrium Bottles, Pomanders and Quintessences contain ingredients and energies of the highest quality. They make every effort to ensure consistency in the visual appearance of the products but as they are created with plant based ingredients, which vary from year to year, the characteristics may differ from time to time.

Visual Appearance
Due to the natural ingredients and environmental sensitivity, the appearance of the Equilibrium Bottles may change. Aura-Soma UK believes that any changes do not affect the quality or effectiveness of the products.

Product Care
Please do not expose the Equilibrium Bottles to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Make sure to slightly loosen the cap when you put an Equilibrium bottle near the window in a warm or hot environment. To cleanse the bottle, Aura-Soma UK recommends using White Pomander, Serapis Bey Quintessence or St Germain Quintessence.

Best Before Date
Current UK and EU legislation requires Aura-Soma UK to place Best Before End (BBE) dates on the products. The BBE date is used as an indication of the period in which the products maintain the highest quality standards. Despite any subtle changes that may occur due to the natural materials that are used, the overall effectiveness is maintained throughout this period and the BBE is not a suggested end of use date.