The Fragrance of Colour

These delightfully fragrant liquids provide the colour support you need for all life’s situations. They help strengthen and replenish your aura, enhancing your sense of wellbeing. The Pomanders come into their own when your energy is depleted as a result of over activity or mental stimulation – or from giving too much of yourself to others. The Pomanders bring back the vibrancy to your energy fields to get you ready for your next client, or situation.

How to select a Pomander
There are two ways to start to experience the beautiful support of Pomanders in your life:

1. Simply choose a Pomander you love the smell of and apply it as a perfume or to your aura! A qualified Aura-Soma consultant can give you information on the gift and potential this Pomander reflects within you.

2. We recommend that you have an Equilibrium Bottle consultation with a trained Aura-Soma® consultant. Based on that consultation they will suggest a specific Pomander to assist you in unlocking your gifts and potential or helping you to address any challenges.

How to use a Pomander
Their unique blend of 49 herbs and essential oils can be worn like a perfume simply by dabbing the Pomander onto the pulse points of your wrists. Alternatively you can place 3 drops in the palm of your left your hand, rub your hands together and pass them through your aura for an energetic protection. Inhale deeply. The Pomanders can be used any time of the day and as often as desired. You can use more than at a time.

White PomanderWhite
Helps you clear your energy; see things from a fresh viewpoint.

AS Pink PomanderPink
For love and acceptance; feel comfortable being who you are; taking care of yourself


AS Deep Red PomanderDeep Red
Very grounding and protective; a sustaining energy support and boost for flagging energy; for psychic protection.

AS Red Pomander Red
To rekindle your passion for life; releasing resentment or animosity; be practical and grounded.


AS Coral PomanderCoral
Courage to love; releasing disappointments from past relationships; if you’re feeling fragile or vulnerable.

AS Orange PomanderOrange
Helps instill a sense of enthusiasm and enjoyment; step back into life with renewed optimism after shock or trauma; learning from experiences.

AS Gold PomanderGold
Really know yourself; appreciate what is of value in your life; the courage to step forward and lead; deep joy.

AS Yellow PomanderYellow
For fun and happiness; an antidote to ‘the blues’; relieves stress, nervousness and anxiety; self confidence.

AS Olive Green PomanderOlive Green
For feminine qualities of leadership; endurance and patience, in touch with your feelings.

AS Emerald Green PomanderEmerald Green
Great support when decisions need to be made about your choices in life and future direction; express what you feel

AS Turquoise PomanderTurquoise
Unlock your creativity and spontaneity; the energy to speak your truth; have confidence in a group situation to put your viewpoint across in an inspiring way.

AS Sapphire Blue PomanderSapphire Blue
Brings a sense of inner peace, trust that things will be OK; sense that you’re not alone, speaking your mind

AS Royal Blue PomanderRoyal Blue
Helps you be inspired; dream of a future you’d like to create for yourself; overcoming feelings of isolation; hearing your inner voice

AS Violet PomanderViolet
Quietens and relaxes the mind, making the space for inner contemplation; for transformation and spiritual awareness.

AS Deep Magenta PomanderDeep Magenta
For living in the moment and appreciating current opportunities; feeling connected to divine love and able to help others

Aura-Soma Australia Magenta PomanderMagenta
For feeling loved just as you are and accepted. Helps you to feel love for humanity and express your caring for others with acts of kindness and support