The Pocket Rescue Set is an amazing collection of very powerful and supportive energies for when you have an immediate need for a specific colour energy. The 9 bottles (in 25ml plastic) carry easily in a bag or pocket.

How to select a Pocket Rescue
Read the descriptions below and select whichever you feel is appropriate for your needs. You can use more than one at a time.

How to use a Pocket Rescue
Shake vigorously to mix, pour a little in your right palm and apply to the specified areas as listed below.

AS Physical Rescue

PHYSICAL RESCUE – B1 (Blue/Deep Magenta)
This is one of the most popular and versatile of the Aura-Soma products. It is great to use when your mind is overactive and you need to feel calmer. It’s excellent for getting in touch with your inner strength and willpower, to focus your energies and channel them in a desired direction. Apply anywhere on your body or specifically along your hairline, around your throat, neck and ears.

AS Heart Rescue

HEART RESCUE – B3 (Blue/Green)
This is excellent for helping you to express your feelings about any situation, especially when you feel emotionally choked. Is there anything you need to “get off your chest”? Then this will help. It also helps you to approach life through feelings and pleasure, and not just thinking about it. Apply on your entire chest area, back and front.

AS Sunlight Rescue

SUNLIGHT RESCUE – B4 (Yellow/Gold)
This is such a joyous bottle. When you really need to uplift your spirits, this is terrific tonic. It helps you to overcome fears and phobias, and to discover your personal values and rules beyond those of society. For when you need to feel courageous, and also self disciplined in any aspect of life. Great to recommend to clients who feel “down in the dumps”.
Apply in a wide band around your body at waist level.

AS Love Rescue

LOVE RESCUE – B11 (Clear/Pink)
Do you find it really difficult to receive love or accept yourself? Is it hard to give love, or are you being called upon to constantly care for someone you love? B11 can give you the strength to allow your love and kindness to selflessly flow, and the openness to allow yourself to receive it. It can also help with past feelings of a lack of love, so the joyful child within you can be expressed. Apply anywhere on your body or in wide band at your hip level.

AS Star Child Rescue

This bottle is well known for its inner child qualities and as a loving and nurturing support for pregnant women and newborn children. It is also powerful as an aid to releasing past issues (especially fears, guilt and self-judgements) and breaking free of old habits and beliefs. Do you want to end a cycle or pattern of behaviour that no longer serves you? Try B20 and let your future be shaped from a new perspective on life. Apply to all parts of your body

AS Etheric Rescue

ETHERIC RESCUE – B26 (Orange/Orange)
This is also one of the most popular and versatile of the Aura-Soma products. It is the shock absorber, and is incredibly effective for restoring strength and focus after a shattering experience. For any shock situation – accident, illness, loss of a job, breakdown of a relationship, etc – this bottle will help you “get it together again”.
If you’re wanting to examine a past traumatic incident and understand the message in it or the quality or resource that you possess that emerged as a gift from the incident, then regular use of B26 will help you in that process. If you hear someone saying “I’ll never get over it”, or “I’ve never been the same since…”, then B26 can help them. Apply around your entire abdomen and down the left side of your body from earlobe to ankle.

AS Coral Rescue

CORAL RESCUE – B87 (Coral/Coral)
This is for a new level of caring for yourself and others, and for being able to love the aspects of yourself which you have previously found most difficult to love. It helps you accept responsibilities with a sense of joy, rather than hardship. It can give immense support and emotional strength if you want to create a sense of group cooperation and harmony. For assisting you to regain trust and release memories of past pain in relationships. Apply around your entire abdomen and down the right side of your body from earlobe to ankle.

AS Energy Rescue

ENERGY RESCUE – B89 (Red/Deep Magenta)
This helps you to plug gaps where your energy is leaking, a pick-me-up in times of weariness or fatigue. For whenever you need a boost of energy. And even if you have an abundance of energy, B89 can assist you to control it, to channel it towards manifesting your dreams.
It can also help you to feel more determined to achieve success in any arena of your life. With B89 you can tap an inner strength, a powerful reservoir of self-confidence. Apply around your entire lower abdomen.

AS Metatron Rescue

METATRON RESCUE – B100 (Clear/Deep Magenta)
Use for anything that needs to be brought out of the shadow and into the light of awareness. To bring clarity and insight to issues that have been unclear in the past. It helps you access your hidden potential and appreciate your qualities in a new way. Metatron Rescue can help you bring all your potential into manifestation. Apply anywhere on your body.