Aura-Soma Australia Mike Booth

Mike Booth




Aura-Soma is now a worldwide success. Mike Booth travels extensively, teaching and sharing this amazing colour care system. He continues to produce the radiant Aura-Soma products under inspiration, as Vicky did before him.

Mike Booth is dedicated to ensuring the best quality ingredients are used in creating the Aura-Soma products. Aura-Soma now owns land which is farmed biodynamically and provides energetically vibrant ingredients for the products. Mike has also developed unique energy enhancing processes so the bottles are true living energies and provide colour like you’ve never seen before – living colour that literally brings ‘the colour’ back into your life.

Aura-Soma is a cruelty free company, never testing its products or ingredients on animals. And it never uses animal by-products. On its Shire farm, its biodynamic practices honour the earth. For more information on the Shire Farm visit

Dev Aura, meaning house of light, is a beautifully restored country rectory.  Purchased in Vicky Wall’s time, this residential training centre for the ‘Aura-Soma Academy’ has been expanded and enhanced by Mike.  It is an exquisite place of inspiration and contemplation.  For more information visit