The Aura-Soma Colour Essences are a rich treasure chest of colour energies that support your body and its aura. These essences carry the vibrations of colour with the energies of plants and crystals. Their colour energy is very subtle and invisible to the naked eye, but their brilliant colours can be seen under Kirlian photography.

They are a colour support for the Equilibrium bottle of your choice. You can also use them to gently connect you with a colour you are not normally attracted to, but feel may be helpful. The Aura-Soma Colour Essences are a powerful tool for balancing and grounding, connecting you to the Earth. The Colour Essences link to specific astrological sun signs. White and Rainbow link to all.

How to select a Colour Essence
We recommend that you have an Equilibrium Bottle consultation with a trained Aura-Soma® consultant. Based on that consultation they will suggest a specific Colour Essence to assist you in unlocking your gifts and potential or helping you to address any challenges.

How to use a Colour Essence
Place a few drops on the pulse points of your wrists or temples or apply on your body at your chakra areas. You can also add to your bath and enjoy a whole new experience as you immerse yourself in the colour energized water. Convenient for carrying in a handbag or pocket and applying during the day. For external use only.

Aura-Soma Australia White Colour Essence White
Helps clear your senses and bring light into any situation. To see a reflection of yourself and others without judgement. Brings light to all major and minor energy centres.

Aura-Soma Australia Pink Colour EssencePink
Just for love. Stimulates your ability to receive love and to care for yourself and others. Honouring your feminine qualities – Virgo.

Aura-Soma Australia Red Colour EssenceRed
Energy, awareness and passion. Helps you to focus on your own concerns rather than being overly concerned with others – Aries.

Aura-Soma Australia Coral Colour EssenceCoral
Helps you appreciate community. Develops cooperation and compromise – Taurus.

Aura-Soma Australia Orange Colour EssenceOrange
Deep insight and bliss. Soothing and calming to any shocks and traumas. Working with others while honouring self. Strengthens and protects the etheric body – Gemini.

Aura-Soma Australia Gold Colour EssenceGold
Searching within for you inner worth and what contribution you can make for the greater good – Cancer.

Aura-Soma Australia Yellow Colour EssenceYellow
Feeling the joy and limitlessness of the sun. Perceiving the broad picture rather worrying over details. Balances the solar plexus – Leo.

Aura-Soma Australia Olive Colour EssenceOlive
Opening your heart and believing in your inner wisdom. Endurance and feeling connected - Virgo.

Aura-Soma Australia Green Colour EssenceGreen
Giving yourself the time, space and direction that you need and respecting those needs in others. For the heart chakra – Libra.

Aura-Soma Australia Turquoise Colour EssenceTurquoise
Communicating what is in your heart. Stimulating all aspects of your creativity – Scorpio.

Aura-Soma Australia Blue Colour EssenceBlue
For Peace, faith and nurturing. Helps you connect with who you truly are – Sagittarius.

Aura-Soma Australia Royal Blue Colour EssenceRoyal Blue
Offers deep insight and inner sight. Enhances perception and communication – Capricorn.

Aura-Soma Australia Violet Colour EssenceViolet
Aspiring to be of service to others. Awareness of subtle energies and the greater universe – Aquarius.

Aura-Soma Australia Magenta Colour EssenceMagenta
Unconditional love even in the little things. The tenacity and warmth to keep giving. Balances the heart chakra – Pisces.

Aura-Soma Australia Rainbow Colour EssenceRainbow
Connecting with your inner teacher. Balancing all the colours within you.