Aura-Soma Australia Vicki and Margaret

Margaret Cockbain (left) and Vicky Wall




The beginnings of Aura-Soma® are a truly remarkable story. It began with the inspiration of Vicky Wall, a retired surgical chiropodist, living in a small village in England. One evening in 1983, Vicky had a vision in meditation to create colour products. As Vicky recalled the blending of those first radiant bottles, she said: “I only know that other hands had guided mine”. Amazingly, Vicky Wall was blind.

Margaret Cockbain, an acclaimed cranio-sacral osteopath, had worked in partnership with Vicky. Together they dedicated their lives to helping all those who came to their clinic. Margaret was Australian.

In their ‘retirement’ Margaret partnered Vicky in producing those early colour products, the Equilibrium bottles. Through sharing Vicky’s secret creations and making these remarkable colour products available, Vicky and Margaret could continue their lifelong mission of healing and support. Margaret personally answered all the letters that poured in as word of Aura-Soma® spread. Little did those two women realize that their greatest contribution to humanity was just beginning.

From these humble beginnings in a small English village, Aura-Soma® is now the largest manufacturer of colour energy products in the world. It is in over 50 countries and is living the vision of Vicky Wall, supported by Margaret Cockbain, to make colour available to everyone in a way that not only improves their wellbeing, but touches them deeply and transforms their life.

Later Mike Booth, supported by his wife Claudia, joined Vicky and Margaret. On Vicky’s passing in 1991 Mike took over the running of Aura-Soma®. Until Margaret’s passing in 1998, she continued to spread Vicky’s miracle as she travelled widely, networking with the growing group of Aura-Soma® practitioners and teachers, and sharing the amazing stories that were coming in of the ‘little miracles’ associated with Aura-Soma®.