The ArchAngeloi are delightfully fragrant personal sprays that help you experience a more personal connection with the Archangels. This experience is felt through the subtle energy fields (or "aura") surrounding your body. The 9 essences of the ArchAngeloi help you connect with different aspects of the grace of the Archangels.

These exquisite essences also assist with developing a greater sense of unity, of being part of a larger family, of belonging - be it within families, groups, cities, and countries. They help you to become more conscious of your relationship with others.

How to select ArchAngeloi Essences
Read the descriptions below and select whichever you feel is appropriate for your needs. You can use more than one at a time.

How to use a ArchAngeloi Essences
Spray through your aura as often as you like. You can use them like a perfume to invoke these subtle energies. You can apply an ArchAngeloi and soak in a relaxing bath – feel the upliftment of your energies and a sense of communion. Ideal for meditation and yoga.

The traditional way to apply the ArchAngeloi is to spray once over your left shoulder, spray once above your crown chakra and spray once over your right shoulder. Let the fragrant energies filter into your aura.

Aura-Soma Australia Archangeloi EssenceArchAngeloi Michael
Opening the heart and bringing these heart qualities to the way you think and create, rather than operating from fear. For gaining greater clarity about your deeper mission in life.

Aura-Soma Australia Archangeloi Gabriel EssenceArchAngeloi Gabriel
Being true to yourself, and from that place of genuineness, making a positive choice to give love to others and to be an expression of love.

Aura-Soma Australia Archangeloi Raphael EssenceArchAngeloi Raphael
‘A soothing balm of peace.’ For inner communion. Rather than retreating from mainstream life, making a decision to express a positive peace.

Aura-Soma Australia Archangeloi Uriel EssenceArchAngeloi Uriel
For greater clarity of intuition & wisdom, and an openness to sharing that with others. To see beyond the group fear and tendency to rationalise, and to inspire others to adopt a more positive approach to life.

Aura-Soma Australia Archangeloi SandalphonArchAngeloi Sandalphon
Helps you give and receive mutual support and experience a sense of community – to sense the interconnection of all energy and life and to work towards greater trust and cooperation. For a broader sense of family.

Aura-Soma Australia ArchAngeloi Tzadkiel EssenceArchAngeloi Tzadkiel
A rebirth and new appreciation of love. For a heartfelt empathy with others and honouring of the feminine qualities in all people and things.

Aura-Soma Australia ArchAngeloi Metatron EssenceArchAngeloi Metatron
Contains intense light and depth of shadow bringing awareness of the qualities and potentials within you. Helps you to stop projecting negativity, and dissolves feelings of separation.

Aura-Soma Australia ArchAngeloi Jophiel EssenceArchAngeloi Jophiel
For harmony and hope. An essence which takes you into your heart and brings with it a feeling of ‘coming home.’ An alignment with your true essence and then a reaching out to others.

Aura-Soma Australia ArchAngeloi Chamael EssenceArchAngeloi Chamael
For helping trust your intuition. Brings in energies of compassion and love, and alleviates suffering. The love to accept your shadow side and to drop any projections and criticism of others, replacing them with caring and acceptance.