These easy-to-use pump action sprays fill your environment with a wonderfully fragrant colour energy. They are highly concentrated and combine the energies of herbs, flowers and colour to refresh your environment and your senses! Available in the 15 Pomanders, 15 Quintessences and 4 Archangeloi Essences.

What do they do?
They’re more than a beautiful aroma – they actually promote change in the energies of an environment. Ideal for:
• your bedroom – for restful sleep and loving atmosphere. Mist onto linens
• the bathroom – for a naturally pleasant aroma
• your office – to give you clarity, confidence, creativity, and restore focus
• a conference room – to promote cooperation or to clear after conflict
• a clinic – so that your clients feel welcome and supported
• a meeting hall – to clear past energies and create a welcoming space
• child’s rooms – so that your kids feel nurtured and loved
• your car – to create a sense of alertness for your journey
• your sanctuary/ meditation room – to connect with higher energies and uplift your spirit.
You can fill every room with the energies you desire.

How do I use them?
Select the Air Conditioners you feel are appropriate for your needs. Spray the delicate, fine mist into the atmosphere. Use it as often as you wish.